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PRESSURE BALANCE Technical Characteristics.
Maintains the pressure and also the water temperature constant thus avoiding scalding water being used by different outlets in the house at the same time can cause a drop in pressure in the pipes. This can result in variations in temperature of the mixed water. The balance device immediately compensates the changes in pressure maintaining the ratio of hot and cold water: consequently the water temperature remains the same. Should the flow of cold water be interrupted the flow of water is automatically blocked thus avoiding the dangers of scalding.
Step one
The water pressures are the same, consequently also the thrust.
Step two
The hot water pressure is less than the cold, therefore the hot water thrust is less than the cold water (also valid were it is vice versa).
Step three
The cold water pressure is=0 (one of the two supplies is off).

Safety DeviceEasy ControlWide Range of Temperatures
  • Should the cold water supply suddenly be cut off, the anti-scald safety device immediately blocks the flow of hot water thanks to an active mechanical seal. This safeguards the user from unpleasant mishaps. This device is in compliance with the new international safety regulations adopted in America, which are the most demanding.
  • The kinematic system of the cartridge has been designed to create a constant amplification ratio between the movement of the lever and the disks. This ratio is such that the disks move less in proportion to the movement of lever. This results in less wear on the disks and makes the setting of temperature and flow much easier.
  • Besides safety, the cartridge also offerrs the possibility of a wide range of temperature settings thanks to a mix angle of 120. This allows a gradual and docile variation in the water temperature.
  • Wide Range of Temperature SettingsLow NoisePressure Balance Device
  • Thanks to its internal mechanism the cartridge enables you to set "usable" temperatures ranging from 34 to 42 becuase a wide movement of the lever corresponds to a narrow variation in temperature.
  • Today, thanks to its specially designed filter, the cartridge installed inside your tap enables you to resolve these problems permanently.
  • Its function is to maintain the pressure constant which cnsequently maintains the temperature of the water constant by lowering the flow rates. Should you be using the shower and someone else using the hot water, the balancing device corrects the flow of the water so that the temperature of the water does not vary.
  • Maximum Temperature LimiterFlow Rate LimiterConsiderable Saving of Water
  • No longer water which can cause unpleasant mishaps.... but only water at the maximum temperature setting.
  • This device was designed to limit excess consumption of water, thus enabling considerable savings. The limiter can be set as you wish without any difficulty.
  • This device enables you to limit the maximum temperature of the hot water. The temperature limiter enters into function blocking the movement of the lever; by not allowing the lever to go beyond this point, thus avoiding unpleasant scalding.
  • Wide Range of FLow Rate SettingsHigh Flow RateThe Ceramic Disks
  • Thanks to the wide opening angle, the cartridge gives you the possibility of choosing from a wide range of flow.
  • Thanks to the particular construction of some of its internal parts, the cartridge enables you to have a very high flow rate giving you the possibility of filling the bath tub in less time thus avoiding a loss of temperature during this phase.
  • Are an essential part of the cartridge, and are used in opening, closing and mixing water at different temperatures. This type of material minimizes the friction coefficient so as to make it last longer.